"Pistol Pakin Mamma"

"Pistol Pakin Mamma"
Contributor - Alan Griffith, B24 best web

Monday, September 1, 2014

70 years ago

This September 11th will mark 70 years since the downing of Pistol Pakin Mamma and her crew.  Schedules are busy and lives are full these days.  I'd like to do everything I ever speak of but in reality, reality dictates what I can and can't do.  One thing I'd like to do is to meet with the families that have donated information and helped with the research into history.  Someday maybe we can all meet so I can thank you in person.

With that said. I saw an interesting post on the B-24 Best web Facebook page. There is an interactive photo section which gives the viewer a 360 degree view from their chosen positions.  When you open this link you should see a cutaway view of a B-24 Liberator. When you place your cursor on the picture squares will appear. Those squares are shown listing various positions on the B-24 aircraft. By clicking the square(s) of your choice you will open up an interactive view from that position. Once in position simply click your mouse and hold down to move the view of that position.  This is the same intriguing ultra-panoramic camera technology that will someday be in movies which you will view using special high definition goggles giving the viewer full spherical vision of the action in all directions.  Just click on the print (Consolidated B-24) below to open the page. Enjoy!